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5 reasons to protect your OT assets with TXOne

  • Effective network segmentation, virtual patch (IPS) and network containment through robust network appliances

  • Granular control over popular OT Protocols, with support for more than 50+ variant IT and OT protocols for ICS (Modbus, MITSUBISHI-SLMP, CC-Link IE, EthernetIP/CIP, Profinet and more)

  • Use whitelisting to lock down mission-critical endpoint assets

  • Use our convenient plug-and-scan USB technology to create your periodic inspection routine

  • Provide central and individual management options to fit different management roles


Solution includes:

Security Inspection:

  • Trend Micro Portable Security: Installation-less malware scanning tool (Periodical health check process)

  • Trend Micro Portable Security 3 Pro Edition: Installation-less malware scanning tool with encryption (Periodical health check process with secure transporter)

  • Central Management Console: Management console (Manage TMPS 3 and TMPS 3 Pro)

Endpoint Protection:

  • TXOne StellarProtect: All-terrain digital safety for OT endpoints (Recognize and preserve thousands of critical ICS and OT applications

  • TXOne StellarOne central management console: Management Console (Manage StellarProtect)

Network Defence:

  • EdgeIPS: Industrial next-generation IPS (Micro segmentation for critical assets protection)

  • EdgeFire: Industrial next-generation Firewall (Enables secure network segmentation)

  • EdgeIPS Pro (For large-scale networks): Industrial next-generation IPS Array (Internal segmentation for critical assets protection)

  • OT Defense Console: Industrial central management console (Plant defense field management)


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