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Lifecycle Services

From strategy to operate services for your IT/IoT network and cyber security solutions.

Advisory Services

We help organizations in making informed IT/IoT decisions, solving problems, and improving performance.

Design Services

Developing architectures and frameworks to ensure fast implementation, efficient and secure operation with high potential scalability of IT/IoT solutions.

Implementation Services

Providing end-to-end support in deploying and configuring networking infrastructure, fortifying cyber security measures, and implementing IoT solutions.

Support Services

Technical assistance and troubleshooting for your network infrastructure. Issue resolution according to agreed SLAs ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Assessment Services

Network and security assessment services to evaluate the overall health and security of an organization's network infrastructure.

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Advisory Services

Expert guidance and recommendations to organizations on how to design, implement, and maintain secure and efficient Networkings.

Network Architecture Review

A comprehensive evaluation of a network's design, infrastructure, and security protocols to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

RFI and Solution TCO Planning

Provides the customer with product information from different vendors, independent solution comparison and preliminary TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) estimations.

RFQ/RFP preparation

Helps the customer prepare to vendor selection process defining technical and commercial requirements in compliance with IT and procurement teams.

Networking Design Assistance

Specializes in strategic planning and development of efficient network architecture, collaborating with organizations to create tailored solutions that meet their unique needs and goals.

Networking Design Review

Expert assistance in designing a reliable and efficient Networking to optimize connectivity and performance for your business needs.

Networking Implementation Plan Review

Entails an examination of an organization's deployment strategy and project plan for Networking changes or upgrades. This service provides expert evaluatio...

Cisco Networking Software Strategy

Provides expert guidance on software selection that fit customer requirements and architecture....

Networking Software Strategy Review

Involves software strategy assessment, includes expert analysis and recommendations to ensure that the software selection, licensing, and upgrade plans align with the ...

Security strategy advisory

Delivers holistic views of various IT risks and their potential impact on your operational and financial strategies....

Zero trust strategy

Helps kickstart zero trust journey by understanding zero trust future, factoring in the uniqueness of your organization, present capabilities, and environment (campus,...

Security segmentation advisory

Utilizes workshops, interviews, and feedback as we work with you to develop a high-level architecture design for your enterprise network security. This analysis helps ...

Security risk management advisory

Delivers a holistic view of IT risks and the potential impact on your operational and financial strategies....

Network Design Services (Planning and HLD Phase)

Encompass the strategic development of a network's architectural framework, including topology, hardware, and protocols, ensuring alignment with business requirements ...

PoC Validation Services

Involves testing and assessment of a technology or solution in a real-world environment to confirm its feasibility, performance, and suitability for meeting specific b...

Network Implementation Plan Service

Provides the customer with documentation needed for subsequent solution deployment. Detailed Design ensuring minimal disruption, risk mitigation, and timely project co...

Test Planing Service

Provides the customer with documentation needed to perform solution acceptance testing...

Migration Planning Service

Provides the customer with documentation needed to perform migration activities ensuring minimal disruption, risk mitigation, and timely project completion...

Migration Services

Involves the systematic and coordinated process of moving data, applications, or systems from one environment to another, typically with the goal of upgrading, consoli...

Deployment Services

Deployment Services encompass the professional planning, configuration, installation, and validation of hardware, software, or solutions within an organization's IT in...

Networking Deployment Project Management Support Option

Provides dedicated project management expertise to oversee the planning, execution, and coordination of Networking deployment projects. This service ensure...

Networking Implementation Plan Assistance Option

Offers expert guidance and support in developing detailed and effective implementation strategies for deploying Networking projects, ensuring a seamless an...

Networking Implementation Engineering Option

Focuses on the hands-on technical aspects of deploying and configuring network hardware and software. It involves expert engineers who translate the design into a func...

Networking Remote Deployment Support Option

Delivers remote assistance and troubleshooting expertise to facilitate the seamless implementation of Networking projects, minimizing disruptions and optim...

Networking Software Upgrade Assistance Option

Offers expert guidance and hands-on support for the process of upgrading network software components. It involves detailed planning, implementation, and testing to ens...

Networking Detailed Design Development Option

Involves creating a detailed blueprint for network architecture and configuration. It encompasses precise specifications, component selection, and configuration detail...

Dedicated Operations Manager

Helps the customer to open Cisco TAC cases, collect and send data needed for case resolution, monitors service delivery timelines, escalates cases and provides quarter...

Dedicated Support Engineer

Engaged for P1 and P2 cases to ensure decreased “Time to Recovery” and “Time to Resolution”. If necessary, provides root cause analysis to avoid further recurrence of ...

Network Optimization Support

Delivers agreed set of assessments, recommendations, design and security related consultancy to proactively identify and fix potential points of failures. Can be trans...

Networking Onsite Support Option

The Networking Onsite Support Option provides hands-on technical assistance and troubleshooting for an organization's Networking....

Networking Remote Software Upgrade Support Option

Offers expert guidance and assistance in remotely upgrading and maintaining network software, ensuring it stays up-to-date and secure....

Networking Knowledge Transfer and Mentoring Option

Provides organizations with a structured program for transferring technical expertise and best practices to their internal teams. Through mentorship and training, this...

Resident Engineer (Onsite)

Test new designs, features, and functionality in a pre-production environment. Engineers implement and verify on the live network, and conduct test on patches and fixe...

Resident Engineer (Remote)

Test new designs, features, and functionality in a pre-production environment. Engineers implement and verify on the live network, and conduct test on patches and fix...

Resident Consultant (Onsite)

An onsite IT consultant provides technical support, troubleshoots issues, implements solutions, and advises on IT strategies to improve business operations.

Resident Consultant (Remote)

1.) Manage and administer technical issues for customers in a team. 2.) Identify and fix all onsite infrastructure issues. 3.) Maintain IT infrastructure documentation...

Network Assessment Services

Network Assessment Services involve evaluating the performance, security, and overall health of an organization's Networking to identify issues, vulnerabil...

Networking Performance Audit

The Networking Performance Audit Option is a comprehensive evaluation of an organization's network to assess its performance, capacity, and overall health....

Network Security Architecture Assessment

This assessment provides a security-focused evaluation of network-based computing environments and concentrates on the security of your network from both architectural...

Cloud Security Assessment

This assessment evaluates the security of cloud use, architecture, and deployment. It exhaustively identifies the attack surface of cloud-native functionality and syst...

Aplication Security Assessment

This assessment is designed to identify and evaluate an application's immediate attack surface, uncovering security-related issues and vulnerabilities. We apply a ran...

Threat Simulation

Cyber threat simulation stands out as one of the most potent methods to achieve this goal. It allows organizations to simulate how adversaries might launch attacks, re...

Network Assessment and Readiness for SD-Access

Network assessment and validation it's ready for SD-Access implementation. Looks into vendors, hardware, software, technologies used in LAN and WAN environments, netwo...

DNA Center Assurance Implementation

DNA-C deployment for the network already containing Cisco ISE, that includes DNA-C installation, integration with ISE, network elements discovery and verification that...

SD-Access Migration services

Migration support for ready-to-use SD Access fabric...

SD-Access Segmentation and Policing

SD-Access Segmentation and Policing is a service offering that provides the customer with advanced network segmentation and traffic policing capabilities within a Soft...

SD Access Design and Deployment

SD-Access green field design and implementation of DNA-C with optional reduntancy cluster. DNA Center configuration for SD Access fabric, integration with Cisco ISE (t...

SD-Access Audit

SD-Access Audit is an assessment of existing SD-Access solution intended to bring best practices to improve the efficiency of used DNA-C capabilities. Inludes DNA Cent...

Cisco SD-Access PoC

Proof of Concept services helps to validate the solution and provides evidence that the customer will benefit from SD-Access before investing further resources.

Wireless Assessment Services

WAS provides a comprehensive assessment of a wireless network's performance, coverage, and security. The service typically includes site surveys, network mapping, an...

Guest and Secure Wireless Access with ISE

Setting up guest and secure wireless access to provide visitors with highly secure Internet access, track and monitor guest usage and control who accesses what, and wh...

Cisco Catalyst SDWAN Implementation

Cisco SD-WAN solution deployment includes installation of Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Manager (centralized network management system run on VM), Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Valida...

Cisco Catalyst SDWAN PoC

Testing and verifying the solution design and identify any potential issues or problems with the design before deployment in production....

Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Analytics

Onboarding and setting up Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN Analytics...

Data Center Architechture Design Services

Data Center Architecture Design Services involve expert planning and layout of data center infrastructure, including servers, storage, networking, and security compone...

Cisco ACI Single-Site Fabric deployment

Cisco ACI Multi-Pod Fabric deployment is a network architecture that extends the Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) across multiple data center pods, allow...

Cisco ACI Multi-Site Fabric deployment

Cisco ACI Single-Site Fabric deployment is a network architecture that connects and manages multiple data centers as a single entity, offering consistent policy enforc...

Cisco ACI Multi-Site Fabric deployment with Nexus Dashboard

Cisco ACI Multi-Site Fabric deployment with Nexus Dashboard is an integrated solution that leverages Cisco's ACI and Nexus technologies, enabling centralized network m...

Cisco NX-OS Single-Site Fabric deployment

Cisco NX-OS Single-Site Fabric deployment is a network architecture that focuses on configuring and managing a data center fabric within a single location or site, sim...

Cisco NX-OS Multi-Site Fabric deployment

Cisco NX-OS Multi-Site Fabric deployment is a network architecture that extends the capabilities of the Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) across multiple data cente...

Cisco NX-OS Multi-Site Fabric deployment with Nexus Dashboard

Cisco NX-OS Multi-Site Fabric deployment with Nexus Dashboard integrates the power of Cisco's Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) with a centralized management dashboard, e...

Data Center Service Migration

Data Center Service Migration is the process of relocating and transitioning IT services, applications, and data from one data center to another, often to improve perf...

Advisory Services for Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE)

Helps the Customer to align business and technology strategy with particular ISE use cases. The outcome of this service is a recommended implementation roadmap for ISE...

Plan &Design of Cisco Identity Services Engine for Wired Networks

Service contains design, plan with deliverables including Detailed Design Document. For PoC and Install use other SKU....

Plan & Design of Cisco Identity Services Engine for Wireless Networks

Services contains Design, plan with deliverables including Detailed Design Document. For PoC and Install use other SKU....

PoC & Installation of Cisco Identity Services Engine for Wired Networks

Services Include setting up the testbed, validating new configuration as well as test plans and results with first site installation including in the project....

PoC & Installation of Cisco Identity Services Engine for Wireless Networks

Services Include setting up the testbed, validating new configuration as well as test plans and results with first site installation including in the project....

Identity Services Engine (ISE) Implementation Services

Performing tasks and procedures based on Customer’s ISE configuration requirements. This can include implementation of endpoints and access ports, tuning and stabiliza...

Post-implementation support for Cisco Identity Services Engine

Consultative support and guidance on activities related to rollout of the complete ISE solution in the customer’s network...

Advisory Services for Cisco ThousandEyes

Advisory Services for Cisco ThousandEyes provide organizations with expert guidance and strategic insights to optimize network performance and monitoring. This service...

Cisco ThousandEyes Implementation Service

Cisco ThousandEyes Implementation Service offers comprehensive support in deploying and configuring Cisco ThousandEyes for enhanced network visibility. This service in...

Cisco ThousandEyes Extention requests service

Cisco ThousandEyes Extension Requests Service is designed to cater to specific business needs by customizing and expanding the capabilities of ThousandEyes. This servi...

Cisco ThousandEyes Network and Application Synthetics

Cisco ThousandEyes Network and Application Synthetics offer advanced synthetic testing and simulation tools. These tools allow organizations to assess network and appl...

Cisco SD-WAN & ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence

Cisco SD-WAN & ThousandEyes Internet and Cloud Intelligence combine Cisco's SD-WAN technology with ThousandEyes' real-time visibility into internet and cloud service p...

Campus Service Assurance with Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches

Campus Service Assurance with Cisco Catalyst 9000 Switches ensures high availability and performance of campus networks. By leveraging Cisco Catalyst 9000 switches wit...

Cisco ThousandEyes End User Monitoring with endpoint agents

Cisco ThousandEyes End User Monitoring with endpoint agents involves deploying specialized agents on endpoints to monitor end-user experiences closely. These agents pr...

Cisco ThousandEyes Internet Insights

Cisco ThousandEyes Internet Insights offers comprehensive internet intelligence data. This data allows organizations to make data-driven decisions related to internet ...

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Advisory Service

This advisory service helps stakeholders understand SASE and relate it to their business requirements. We identify how organization is aligned to SASE model. Outcomes ...

Security Service Edge (SSE) Advisory Service

Security Service Edge (SSE) Advisory Service helps stakeholders understand SSE and relate it to their business requirements. We design a personalized SSE journey roadm...

SASE Solution Validation Service (PoC)

PoC validation of Single or Dual vendor SASE solution involves assessment based on customer use case and both technical and business requirements....

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Implemention Service

Includes planning and design of SASE solution based on customer requirements, product implementation and testing. It also includes as-built documentation with knowledg...

Edge Device Manager service

Cisco Operations Dashboard Edge Device Manager basic installation to simplify management of OT network with a single toolset for any network type...

Industrial Wireless service

Cisco Operations Dashboard Industrial Wireless basic installation for visibility across industrial wireless backhaul network, with ability to drill down to device deta...

Secure Equpment Access service

Cisco Operations Dashboard Secure Equipment Access basic installation for Cloud service with multiple equipment access methods and Granular access control to manage re...

Cyber Vision service

Cisco Operations Dashboard Cyber Vision basic installation for visibility on industrial IoT and ICS and actionable insights to secure industrial networks...

Edge Intelligence service

Installation of Cisco Operations Dashboard Edge Intelligence to enable data extraction from OT network for further transformation, governance and transfer to IoT appli...

Industrial Asset Vision service

Installation of Cisco Operations Dashboard Industrial Asset Vision for managing and monitoring LoRaWAN-based industrial assets...

Network Element onboarding to Cisco Operations Dashboard

Onboarding new network elements to Cisco Operations Dashboard....

Edge Intelligence Data Transfer Policies & Scipting

Data Transfer rules and policies assignment for Cisco Edge Intelligence...

LoRaWan solution design

Design for LoRaWan solution based on the customer requirements...

LoRaWan solution hardware specification

Equipment specification creation based on requirements for LoRaWan Solution...

LoRaWan solution installation & configuration

LoRaWan solution deployment: gateway and sensor installation, configuration and connectivity check...

Data transfer setup to IoT application or cloud

LoRaWan solution data transfer set up to IoT on-premise or cloud application...

Industrial Micro-segmentation Cyber Vision + ISE

Cisco Cyber Vision and ISE deployment for industrial micro-segmantation use case...

Advisory Services for IoT networks

Expert recommendations that help the Customer to align business and technology strategy with IoT use cases, brings architectural, commercial and security insights nece...

Industrial Control Systems Security Assessment

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) vendor agnostic assessments evaluate management and strategic processes, operational processes, technical controls, compliance, and ar...

IoT/OT Penetration Test

Penetration test covers a wide range of system components, from chips to cloud services, to uncover any security vulnerabilities. By employing real-world cyberattack t...

IoT Ecosystem Architecture Review

Comprehensive analysis of IoT solution, including architecture and code reviews, vulnerability assessments, and application and network penetration tests. We identify ...

Multi-Cloud Threat Detection and Response

Cisco MultiCloud Defense helps organizations detect and respond to threats across multiple cloud platforms. It provides visibility into network and application traffic...

Cloud Access Security

Cisco's solutions within the MultiCloud Defense framework can enforce access controls and security policies for cloud applications and data. This is crucial for mainta...

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Protecting sensitive data is a critical use case. Cisco MultiCloud Defense helps prevent data leakage and unauthorized access to confidential information stored or pro...

Zero Trust Security with Cisco Multi-Cloud Defense

Implementing a zero-trust security model in multi-cloud environments is a key use case. Cisco's solutions can ensure that access to cloud resources is verified and aut...

Secure Workload Protection with Cisco Multi-Cloud Defense

Cisco provides solutions to protect cloud workloads and applications. This use case involves securing applications running in multi-cloud environments against threats ...

Compliance and Governance with Cisco Multi-Cloud Defense

Cisco MultiCloud Defense assists organizations in achieving compliance with industry and regulatory standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, or PCI DSS. It helps monitor and en...

Secure Email and Web Gateway with Cisco Multi-Cloud Defense

Protecting email and web traffic is essential in a multi-cloud environment. Cisco's solutions can detect and block phishing attempts, malware, and other threats delive...

Incident Response and Forensics with Cisco Multi-Cloud Defense

Cisco MultiCloud Defense aids in incident response by providing the necessary tools for investigation and forensic analysis. It allows security teams to understand the...

Splunk Health Check

Identifying any potential bottlenecks, security vulnerabilities, and areas for optimization. Remediation plan development to address any issues and ensure optimal perf...

Splunk Architecture & Implementation Services

Development of Splunk architectures that can grow alongside your organization's evolving use cases, ensuring seamless development and maturity...

Phantom Implementation & Design Services

Splunk Phantom Implementation services to improve SOC's response time. Can Include product Implementation & configuration, use cases and playbooks development, product...

Splunk as a Service

Ensures Splunk best practices are leveraged, environment optimization, software upgrades, system health monitoring, troubleshooting, onboarding new data sources...

Splunk Integration Services

Splunk and 3d party integrations services that can include: Splunk Enterprise Security (ES), IT Service Intelligence (ITSI), user behavior analytics, machine learning,...

Endpoint Security (EDR & EPP)

Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) primarily emphasizes the prevention and detection of known threats. It typically incorporates features such as anti-malware, firewal...

Firewall as a Service

Firewall as a Service (FWaaS) is a cloud-based service that filters network traffic to protect organizations from threats originating both internally and externally. I...

Next Generation Firewall

Next Generation Firewall offers comprehensive protection against known and unknown threats (e.g., ransomware, malicious botnets, zero-day, and encrypted malware) and ...

Zero Trust Network Access

Zero-trust network access (ZTNA) solutions function by permitting access to particular applications on a per-session basis. However, this access is granted only after ...

Network Access Control

Network Access Control (NAC) is the practice of preventing unauthorized users and devices from accessing a corporate or private network. NAC enforces strict access cri...

Intrusion Prevention System

IPS Service provide capabilities like deep packet inspection (DPI) and virtual patching to detect and block malicious traffic entering your network....

Web Security Gateway

A Web Security Gateway is a cybersecurity solution designed to safeguard users from threats originating from the Internet. It also assists enterprises in enforcing pol...

DNS Security

DNS Security (DNSSEC) is responsible for identifying and mitigating unusual DNS (Domain Name System) behavior to enhance network protection. It improves the detection ...

Email Security

Email security is a crucial component in safeguarding an organization's attack surface from cyber threats that exploit email-based attack vectors, including phishing a...

Privacy by design

"Privacy by Design" essentially means "data protection through technology design." The underlying concept is that data protection is most effectively achieved when it ...

Digital ethics and innovation

Ethical innovation ensures that new technologies and discoveries do not perpetuate or create new inequalities.Inclusive progress involves designing products, services,...

Data privacy technologies

Data Privacy refers to the protection of personal information and ensuring that it is not misused or accessed without authorization. Data privacy technologies include:...

Trust experience (building customer trust through responsible data use)

Companies need to sift through vast amounts of data every day and so comes great responsibilities and remarkable risks. Customers trust data that is consistent, accura...

Accountability and governance

The accountability principle mandates taking responsibility for the handling of personal data and ensuring compliance with other data protection principles. To demonst...

Data management

Data privacy management encompasses a set of practices that empower organizations to adhere to privacy laws and put these requirements into operational practice. Data ...

Privacy assurance

Privacy assurance is about providing clients and internal stakeholders with a clear message about your organization’s privacy practices. Demonstrating accountability w...

INFRAM Prescreening

Identify (through information collection) the capabilities of customer infrastructure to understand where to focus further to be able to comply with HIMSS Infrastructu...

Healthcare INFRAM Assessment Basic

Short assessment of organizations security readiness status. Basic evaluation to identify current state of security status and set the baseline. A detailed questionnai...

Healthcare INFRAM Assessment Advance

Detailed assessment of organizations security readiness status. All current policies and gaps will be identified and you will have a good grasp on your current state ...

INFRAM Preparation Basic

Develop a comprehensive and strategic technology plan using the HIMSS maturity model. This plan outlines the current state, desired future state, and the incremental s...

INFRAM Planning and Design

Setting the targets and a feasible roadmap for implementing CyberSecurity optimizations to achieve HIMSS model compliance....

INFRAM Report Audit

Audit report that involves a comprehensive analysis and review of your IT infrastructure. It is designed to identify vulnerabilities and threats, highlighting areas wi...

INFRAM Preparation - Report & PoC

A step before live implementation; Proof Of Concept verifies the new capabilities to mitigate risks, accommodate the exponential growth of data, and gain the most from...

NIS2 Workshop - Consultation & Compliance (1 day)

One day workshop informing customer on how to define their compliance roadmap and the preparation steps required to accomplish the upcoming implications for higher lev...

NIS2 Introduction - Driving NIS To The Next Level

Explanation of what NIS2 introduces in comparison to NIS and how this is translated in practise to optimized CyberSecurity Infrastrucure and Internal Policies....

Advanced NIS2 Preparedness Package

Detailed organisation-specific analysis for the gaps and spaces of improvement to bring customer closer to the goal of NIS2 compliance. Action presupposes extended m...

NIS2 Planning and POC Package

Exploiting the acquired analysis; Proof Of Concept ensures that proposed changes in CyberSecurity Infrastructure and Internal Policies are both viable and feasible for...

ATIC Workshop Security Preparedness (1 day)

One day workshop for the customer to cover all the concerns and bring an awareness around GDPR and its implication as EU directive....

ATIC360 Assessment Consultation & Workshop

3 Days workshop to cover CIPP/CIPM/ DPO level details for the audience who has to implement GDPR policies for the organization....

Starter Package

Brief report on what needs to be done. We provide a general idea on the gap analysis and how the compliance can be achieved....

Compliance Package

Detailed assessment of compliance status. All current procedures and gaps will be identified and you will have a good grasp on what needs to be addressed....

Ultimate Package

We will take full responsibility to make sure your organisation is fully GDPR compliant. We will also train and certify your staff to ensure longevity and stability of...

Data Protection Officer - Assessment and Compliance Package

This service package combines assessment and write up all the policies by the DPO. Also checking to make sure that most of your data privacy concerns are already cover...

Data Protection Officer - Remote (T&M Open Days)

This TM service covers a remote services of Data Protection officer acting at your company behalf. The scope of this service is not defined or limited, offering flexi...

Application Security

This is a comprehensive portfolio of application security solutions encompassing strategy and implementation to managed services, and operations. These solutions are t...

Cyber Cloud

Cybersecurity achieved on cloud; where organizations protect cloud-based applications, data and infrastructure from cyber attacks with specialized technologies and pra...

Cyber Strategy

A cyber risk program that aligns with your organization's strategic objectives and risk tolerance....

Data and Privacy

Suite of data and privacy services to address data management opportunities and challenges....

Detect and Respond

Blend of sophisticated monitoring technology, advanced analytics, and human intelligence to detect, analyze, and contain threats before they disrupt business....

Digital Identity

A digital identity contains certain unique identifiers that allow systems, services, and applications to know who or what they are interacting with. Digital identitie...

Recover and Transform

End-to-end incident response services bringing greater resilience and cyber maturity, ensuring continual improvement of your underlying infrastructure and capabilities...

Forensics & Incident Response

Digital forensics involves the post-event investigation and identification of cyber-attacks or malicious incidents. Applying validated scientific techniques to digital...

Phishing Readiness

Phishing Readiness campaigns tests your employees against real-world phishing techniques. These tests are based on the latest researches and new hacking techniques. By...

Ransomware Protection

Data loss from a ransomware malware may be life-threatening if organizations do not have a plan of recovery or even act proactively to avoid the attack. In both cases ...

Vulnerability Management

Threats evolve as much daily as the new applications, systems, and network upgrades or additions of new features that may bring new critical vulnerabilities. Breaches ...

Unified Endpoint Management

Mobile devices are prone to many of the same vulnerabilities as other computing systems, but often to a greater degree. For instance, desktop systems are typically les...

Attack Surface Management

External Attack Surface Management plays a crucial role in identifying risks and uncovering new assets across diverse environments. We can assess on-premises, virtual...


Extended detection and response (XDR) is a natural extension of the endpoint detection and response (EDR) concept, in which behaviors that occur after threat preventio...

Industrial Security Assessment

An assesement for CyberSecurity optimization to protect industrial infrastructure which is part of the organization's network and is equally vulnerable to any other ne...

Industrial Security Consultancy

As the Operational Technology (OT) environment becomes increasingly interconnected with IT systems and the Internet, the threat landscape expands, attracting more cybe...

IoT/OT Penetration Testing

Simulate cyber-attacks. System exploitation. External & internal infrastructure. Web application. Cloud infrastructure (Azure, AWS, GCP). Point-in-time test or schedul...

Security strategy advisory​

CyberSecurity exprerts provide recommendations for the security plan that scales to every company. Multiple different combinations of services and products guarantee p...

Zero trust strategy​

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a component of the broader Zero Trust Access (ZTA) framework, focused on governing access to applications. It extends the core pr...

​Security segmentation advisory​

Modern networks and the intricate interactions among users, applications, and systems have become highly complex. This makes it harder for security teams to protect th...

​Security risk management advisory

Numerous large companies are facing growing security threats to their facilities, operations, and sensitive information, regardless of whether they are situated in dev...

Technical security assessment

An Enterprise Security Assessment is a thorough examination of an entire infrastructure, encompassing host systems, network architecture, application security, and en...

Threat Mitigation: Security Architecture Assessment

Threat mitigation, also known as cyber risk mitigation or cyber attack mitigation, refers to the measures, processes, and strategies employed by companies to minimize ...

Threat Detection: Security Operations Assessment

Organizations can benefit from these activities that enhance their understanding of security threats and help identify suitable solutions for risk mitigation. The co...

Security Network Architecture Assessment

An assessment that helps organizations gain a comprehensive understanding of network changes and hidden vulnerabilities in their IT infrastructure. It enables organiza...

Security Cloud Architecture Assessment

An assessment that evaluates the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with using a cloud-based system. Businesses conduct such assessments to guarantee the ...

Security Application Architecture Assessment

Application architecture provides a structured blueprint illustrating how an organization's software applications are constructed and how they interact with each other...

Security IoT/OT Architecture Assessment

An assessment that identifies risk and assigns a risk score for devices, device profiles, sites and organizations. Assessing risk is a continuous process of discoverin...

Application testing

Application testing is a systematic process of evaluating software applications to identify and rectify defects, vulnerabilities, and performance issues through variou...

Concept and requirements

In the context of software development, an application's concept and requirements entail the definition of its core purpose, features, and functionality, serving as th...

Design and development

Application design and development is the phase where software architects and developers create the structure, user interfaces, and underlying code based on the previo...

GRC dashboards

Application GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) dashboards are digital interfaces that provide real-time insights and visualizations for monitoring and managing an ...

Maintenance and retirement

Application maintenance and retirement encompass the ongoing support, updates, and eventual decommissioning of software applications once they have fulfilled their pur...


In the context of software development, application production refers to the phase where a software application is deployed and made accessible to end-users or custome...

Risk sensing

Application risk sensing involves using automated tools and techniques to continuously monitor and detect potential security threats, vulnerabilities, or anomalies wit...

Touchless security

Touchless security refers to the implementation of contactless and automated authentication methods, such as biometrics or facial recognition, to grant access or verif...

Verification and validation

Verification and validation are essential processes in software development, where verification confirms that the software meets its specified requirements, and valida...

Cisco SD-WAN Implementation Service

The Cisco SD-WAN Starter Package is an entry-level solution that revolutionizes network management. It leverages software-defined technology to enhance WAN connectivit...

Cisco SD-Access Implementation Service

The Cisco SDA/DNA Starter Package represents a foundational solution for modern Networking. It integrates Software-Defined Access (SDA) and Digital Network...

DNS Security with Cisco Umbrella

Cisco Umbrella DNS Security is a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that safeguards networks by blocking malicious domain requests. It utilizes real-time threat intell...

Data Center Design with Cisco ACI or NX-OS

Data Center Design with Cisco ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) and NX-OS (Nexus Operating System) leverages software-defined networking and advanced switching ...

NX-OS Fabric Audit

NX-OS Fabric Audit is a comprehensive inspection and validation process for Cisco's Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) fabric. It assesses the network's configuration and ...

ACI automation

ACI (Application Centric Infrastructure) automation is a powerful framework by Cisco that streamlines network management tasks through programmability and orchestratio...

NX-OS Fabric Automation

NX-OS Fabric Automation is a Cisco technology that simplifies data center network operations by automating provisioning, configuration, and troubleshooting tasks for N...

Cisco Talos Services

Incident response services that collect information about existing and developing threats to deliver protection against attacks and malware. ...

Cisco XDR Services

Cloud-native extended detection and response (XDR) solution for security operations teams that is designed for security operations teams. Its primary function is to de...

Cohesity Services

Business continuity management providing backup and recovery planning and crisis management....

Cisco Trust Portal Discovery and Consult

The Trust Portal is a self-service tool that provides on-demand access to a range of public Cisco security, trust, data protection, and privacy compliance documents. T...

Security Awareness Workshop

Informing employees about the latest security threats, cybersecurity best practices, and the potential risks associated with actions such as clicking on malicious link...

MACSec Encryption

IEEE 802.1AE standard for authenticating and encrypting packets between two MACsec-capable devices. MACsec frames are encrypted and protected with an integrity check ...

Cisco DUO

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-on (SSO) capabilities for secure access in vital infrastructure, strong authentication and device monitoring, in a u...

Cisco WebEx

Software for online meetings, web conferencing, videoconferencing, team messaging and file sharing....

FortiWLC starter Package

The FortiWLC starter package is an integrated wireless LAN controller solution with both hardware and software components. It provides centralized management for wirel...

Fortiauthenticator starter Package

The FortiAuthenticator starter package is a robust identity and access management solution that includes hardware and software components. It offers multi-factor authe...

FortiNAC starter Package

The FortiNAC Starter Package is a comprehensive network access control solution designed for rapid implementation. It offers pre-defined policies, user authentication ...

Forticlient EMS starter Package

The FortiClient EMS starter package is a comprehensive endpoint management solution that combines hardware and software components. It allows organizations to efficien...

FortiEDR starter Package

The FortiEDR Starter Package is a powerful endpoint detection and response solution by Fortinet. It offers advanced threat detection, real-time monitoring, and automat...

Fortigate Firewall Configuration Audit

A Fortigate Firewall Configuration Audit package is a comprehensive set of tools and scripts designed to automate the examination of Fortigate firewall configurations....

Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Package

The Fortinet Secure SD-WAN Package is a comprehensive networking solution that combines SD-WAN functionality with advanced security features. It optimizes network perf...

FortiManager starter Package

The FortiManager Starter Package is an integrated management solution tailored for swift deployment. It includes pre-configured templates, automated workflows, and cen...

FortiAnalyzer Starter package

The FortiAnalyzer starter package is a comprehensive network log analysis and reporting solution featuring both hardware and software components. It provides centraliz...

FortiADC Kick-Starter Package

The FortiADC Kick-Starter Package is a specialized bundle of resources and tools aimed at expediting the deployment and optimization of FortiADC application delivery c...

FortiMail Starter Package

The FortiMail Starter Package is an integrated email security solution designed for efficient and quick deployment. It includes pre-configured security profiles, anti-...

FortiWeb Starter Package

The FortiWeb Starter Package is a comprehensive solution for rapid deployment of FortiWeb Web Application Firewalls (WAFs). It offers pre-configured security policies,...

FortiSandbox starter Package

The FortiSandbox Starter Package is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed to protect against advanced threats. It combines advanced threat detection, analysi...

FortiDDoS Starter Package

The FortiDDoS Starter Package is an essential component of Fortinet's cybersecurity offerings, focusing on defending against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attac...

FortiSIEM starter package

The FortiSIEM Starter Package is a comprehensive Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution by Fortinet. It provides real-time analysis and correlation ...

FortiSOAR starter package

The FortiSOAR Starter Package is a robust Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) solution by Fortinet. It streamlines incident response workflows by a...

ExtermeCloud IQ

ExtremeCloud IQ is a cloud-based network management and analytics platform designed to streamline and enhance the management of enterprise networks. It offers centrali...

Extreme Network Fabric

Extreme Networks Fabric Networking is an advanced network architecture that combines cutting-edge technologies like Ethernet fabrics and software-defined networking (S...

Trend Micro Portable Security

Trend Micro Portable Security is a robust security solution designed to safeguard portable storage devices and prevent malware infections. It offers real-time scanning...

Trend Micro Portable Security 3 Pro Edition

Trend Micro Portable Security 3 Pro Edition is an advanced security solution tailored for portable storage devices, offering robust protection against malware and thre...

Central Management console

TxOne Central Management Console is a centralized platform designed for managing and monitoring industrial cybersecurity solutions. It provides a unified interface to ...

TxOne Stellar Protect

TxOne Stellar Protect is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution specifically designed for industrial control systems (ICS) and critical infrastructure. It offers advan...

TxOne Stellar One Management Console

The TxOne StellarOne Management Console is a centralized platform tailored for managing and orchestrating industrial cybersecurity solutions. It offers a unified inter...


TxOne Edge IPS is an Intrusion Prevention System designed for industrial networks and critical infrastructure. It offers real-time threat detection and prevention, saf...

TXOne EdgeFire

TxOne EdgeFire is a cybersecurity solution tailored for industrial control systems and critical infrastructure. It provides robust firewall capabilities to protect edg...

TXOne EdgeIPS Pro (For Large-Scale Networks)

TxOne Edge IPS Pro is an advanced Intrusion Prevention System specifically designed for large-scale industrial networks. It offers real-time threat detection and preve...

OT Defense Console

The TxOne OT Defense Console is a centralized management platform designed for orchestrating and monitoring cybersecurity solutions in operational technology (OT) envi...

Cloud governance and compliance

Building a secure cloud environment is one thing. Enforcing cloud compliance and governance is another. Achieving cloud compliance often requires going further than ju...

Cloud infrastructure security

Public cloud infrastructure can be more vulnerable in certain respects compared to on-premises infrastructure. This vulnerability arises because public cloud resources...

Cloud security management

Cloud security management is the practice of securing data and operations in the cloud from theft or damage. With the growing demand for cloud computing, cloud securit...

Cloud security Planning

A robust cloud security strategy is indispensable for organizations relying on cloud services to store and manage their data. The cloud introduces distinctive security...

Cyber awareness

Cyber awareness pertains to the extent of awareness and comprehension that end users possess regarding cybersecurity best practices and the various cyber threats that...

Cyber program governance

Cybersecurity governance is a comprehensive strategy that integrates with an organization's operations to prevent disruptions from cyber threats. Key elements include ...

Cyber risk assessments

A cybersecurity risk assessment evaluates organization's ability to protect its information and information systems from cyber threats. This activity serves the purpos...

Cyber risk quantification

Cyber Risk Quantification refers to the process of quantifying the level of risk exposure and estimating its potential financial impact on an organization using busine...

Cyber strategy framework

Frameworks for cybersecurity risk management encompass a collection of documents that outline guidelines, standards, and best practices. The frameworks exist to reduce...

Third party risk management

"Third Party Risk Management focuses on identifying and reducing risks relating to the use and engagement of third parties, which can include vendors, suppliers, partn...

Attack Surface Management

External Attack Surface Management Identifies Risks and New Assets Across Environments. We can assess on-premises, virtual, and cloud assets, and that of subsidiaries ...

Incident Response

Incident response is a structured approach to managing and mitigating cybersecurity incidents, involving identification, containment, eradication, and recovery phases ...

Cyber threat intelligence

Threat intelligence is data that is collected, processed, and analyzed to understand a threat actor’s motives, targets, and attack behaviors. Threat intelligence enabl...

Monitoring and management

A Security Operation Center (SOC) monitors and manages all the critical infrastructure to the endpoint or the IOT device. The goal is to be able to monitor effectively...

Security operations

A Security Operation Center (SOC) serves as a centralized function within an organization, comprising people, processes, and technology, with the primary objective of ...

Threat detection and Response

Threat Detection and Response (TDR) encompasses cybersecurity tools that focus on identifying threats through the analysis of user behaviors. These tools play a crucia...

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is a proactive cybersecurity practice that involves actively and systematically searching for hidden cyber threats within a network. This process goes b...

Advanced Authentication

Advanced Authentication is a cybersecurity strategy that goes beyond traditional authentication methods by incorporating additional security measures to verify a user'...

Consumer Identity

Access to digital information or services relies on verifying the authenticated identity of an entity. This verification process ensures that users and services access...

Directory Services

A directory service is a specialized database designed for storing and managing information about users and resources within a computing environment. These services ar...

Identity Analytics

Identity analytics tools harness the power of big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) technologies to analyze data from diverse sources and...

Identity Governance

Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) is a set of practices and tools that empower security administrators to effectively oversee user identities and access per...

Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management (PAM) encompasses cybersecurity strategies and technologies designed to exert control over elevated or privileged access and permissions g...

Business Recovery

Business recovery is the systematic process of restoring normal operations and financial stability within an organization after a disruptive event, such as a natural d...

Cyber Transformation

Cyber transformation is the process of modernizing and optimizing an organization's cybersecurity measures and practices to safeguard against evolving cyber threats an...

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is the specialized field of investigation that involves collecting, preserving, and analyzing electronic data and digital devices to uncover evidence...

Technical Investigation

Technical investigation involves a systematic and analytical examination of technical aspects, such as hardware, software, and digital systems, to uncover and understa...

Technical Resilience

Technical resilience refers to an organization's ability to maintain the availability, integrity, and functionality of its technical systems and infrastructure, even i...

Cisco (Product) Wireless Portfolio Onboarding Services

Services include the setup and configuration of Cisco wireless access points, controllers, and management systems. They also offer assistance with network design and...

Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN and Cisco ThousandEyes Integration Services

Cisco Catalyst SD-WAN and Cisco ThousandEyes integration services offer a comprehensive solution for network visibility, performance, and security. These services help...

TXOne EdgeFire Implementation Services

Implementation of Next-Generation firewalls on the customer OT network that includes network segmentation, policies configuration and setting up centralized management console.

Prisma Cloud Security Posture Management

Out-of-the-box compliance checks mapped to industry standards like CIS, NIST, PCI, and HIPAA to simplify compliance reporting.

Prisma Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management

Enable security teams to implement least privilege access by identifying and remediating over-privileged identities and roles.

Cloud Workload Protection

Detect anomalous behavior and block threats in real-time across compute services.

Web Application and API Security

Defend against OWASP Top 10 and automated threats like credential stuffing, DDoS, and API abuse.

Code Security

Integrate security early in the development lifecycle to prevent cloud resource misconfiguration.

Cloud Discovery and Exposure Management

Identify internet-exposed resources and data to reduce attack surface and prevent data breaches.

Cloud Network Security

Enable micro-segmentation and zero trust policies to block lateral movement of threats.

Prisma Cloud Optimization Services

Maximize your investment by fully utilizing Prisma Cloud's capabilities to protect your cloud assets effectively and efficiently as your environment scales. Review your current Prisma Cloud configurations, policies, and use cases. Expert guidance on optimizing the platform to better align with your evolving security and compliance requirements.

Prisma Cloud Support Services

Offload routine tasks, get answers to technical questions, and receive proactive guidance on security issues. Maintain a secure cloud environment. Direct access to Palo Alto Networks certified engineers who can assist with deployment, configuration, troubleshooting, and ongoing management of Prisma Cloud.

SD-WAN Readiness Assessment

Evaluate current WAN infrastructure

SD-WAN Solution Design

Design optimal SD-WAN architecture

SD-WAN Deployment and Configuration

Deploy and configure SD-WAN gateways

SD-WAN Monitoring and Management

Monitor and manage SD-WAN infrastructure

SD-WAN Performance Audit

Assess SD-WAN performance

SSE Policy Enforcement

Implement SSE policies

SSE Threat Detection and Response

Detect and respond to threats

Application Performance Optimization

Optimize application performance

Application Performance Optimization Support

Support application performance optimization

Compliance and Regulatory Gap Analysis

Conduct compliance and regulatory gap analysis

Compliance and Regulatory Gap Analysis Support

Support compliance and regulatory gap analysis

User Experience Insight

Monitor and analyze user experience

User Experience Insight Support

Support user experience insight

AirWave Network Management

Manage and monitor network infrastructure

AirWave Network Management Support

Support AirWave network management

Aruba Central Management

Manage and monitor network infrastructure

Aruba Central Management Support

Support Aruba Central management

Zero Trust Access Implementation

Implement zero trust access

Zero Trust Access Support

Support zero trust access

Dynamic Path Steering (DPS) Implementation

Implement DPS

Dynamic Path Steering (DPS) Support

Support DPS

WAN Compression Implementation

Implement WAN compression

WAN Compression Support

Support WAN compression

Policy Enforcement Firewall Implementation

Implement policy enforcement firewall

Policy Enforcement Firewall Support

Support policy enforcement firewall

Dynamic Segmentation Implementation

Implement dynamic segmentation

Dynamic Segmentation Support

Support dynamic segmentation

Advanced AI and Automation

Implement advanced AI and automation

Advanced AI and Automation Support

Support advanced AI and automation

Cloud Managed Networking

Manage and monitor network infrastructure

Cloud Managed Networking Support

Support cloud managed networking

Unified Experience Infrastructure

Monitor and analyze user experience

Unified Experience Infrastructure Support

Support unified experience infrastructure

Aruba UXI Sensors

Deploy and manage UXI sensors

Aruba UXI Sensors Support

Support UXI sensors

Aruba ClearPass

Implement and manage ClearPass

Aruba ClearPass Support

Support ClearPass

Aruba Orchestrator

Implement and manage Orchestrator

Aruba Orchestrator Support

Support Orchestrator

Aruba Cloud Managed Networking

Implement and manage cloud managed networking

Aruba Cloud Managed Networking Support

Support cloud managed networking

Aruba UXI

Implement and manage UXI

Aruba UXI Support

Support UXI

Aruba ClearPass Policy

Implement and manage ClearPass policy

Aruba ClearPass Policy Support

Support ClearPass policy

Aruba Orchestrator Policy

Implement and manage Orchestrator policy

Aruba Orchestrator Policy Support

Support Orchestrator policy

Aruba Activate Policy

Implement and manage Activate policy

Aruba Activate Policy Support

Support Activate policy

Aruba AirWave Policy

Implement and manage AirWave policy

Aruba AirWave Policy Support

Support AirWave policy

Aruba Cloud Managed Networking Policy

Implement and manage cloud managed networking policy

Aruba Cloud Managed Networking Policy Support

Support cloud managed networking policy

Aruba UXI Policy

Implement and manage UXI policy

Aruba UXI Policy Support

Support UXI policy

Aruba ClearPass Policy Enforcement

Implement and manage ClearPass policy enforcement

Aruba ClearPass Policy Enforcement Support

Support ClearPass policy enforcement

Aruba Orchestrator Policy Enforcement

Implement and manage Orchestrator policy enforcement

Aruba Orchestrator Policy Enforcement Support

Support Orchestrator policy enforcement

Aruba Activate Policy Enforcement

Implement and manage Activate policy enforcement

Aruba Activate Policy Enforcement Support

Support Activate policy enforcement

Aruba AirWave Policy Enforcement

Implement and manage AirWave policy enforcement

Aruba AirWave Policy Enforcement Support

Support AirWave policy enforcement

Aruba Cloud Managed Networking Policy Enforcement

Implement and manage cloud managed networking policy enforcement

Aruba Cloud Managed Networking Policy Enforcement Support

Support cloud managed networking policy enforcement

Aruba UXI Policy Enforcement

Implement and manage UXI policy enforcement

Aruba UXI Policy Enforcement Support

Support UXI policy enforcement

Aruba ClearPass Policy Enforcement Firewall

Implement and manage ClearPass policy enforcement firewall

Aruba ClearPass Policy Enforcement Firewall Support

Support ClearPass policy enforcement firewall

Aruba Orchestrator Policy Enforcement Firewall

Implement and manage Orchestrator policy enforcement firewall

Aruba Orchestrator Policy Enforcement Firewall Support

Support Orchestrator policy enforcement firewall

Aruba Activate Policy Enforcement Firewall

Implement and manage Activate policy enforcement firewall

Aruba Activate Policy Enforcement Firewall Support

Support Activate policy enforcement firewall

Aruba AirWave Policy Enforcement Firewall

Implement and manage AirWave policy enforcement firewall

Aruba AirWave Policy Enforcement Firewall Support

Provides ongoing support for AirWave Policy Enforcement Firewall.

Aruba Cloud Managed Networking Policy Enforcement Firewall

Provides cloud-based policy enforcement firewall for managed networking.

Aruba Cloud Managed Networking Policy Enforcement Firewall Support

Provides ongoing support for cloud-based policy enforcement firewall.

Aruba UXI Policy Enforcement Firewall

Provides user experience and identity-based policy enforcement firewall.

Aruba UXI Policy Enforcement Firewall Support

Provides ongoing support for user experience and identity-based policy enforcement firewall.


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