In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, organizations face a number of IT challenges that include the increasing complexity and diversity of network environments, the growing sophistication of cyber threats, and the need for scalability, performance, and ease of management.

To address these challenges, customers are seeking enterprise solutions that provide a comprehensive approach to network security. This includes having a single console that allows for visibility into the entire network landscape, with all physical and virtual network devices integrated into a centrally managed automated defense.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is a highly effective solution that can meet these challenges. It provides broad visibility to the entire digital attack surface, reduces complexity by integrating multiple point products, and offers real-time automated responses to threats. In contrast, multivendor environments often lack visibility into an organization’s security, which can lead to serious vulnerabilities.

The Fortinet Security Fabric transforms traditional network perimeter security into a coordinated defense system, with a logical architecture that includes eight models for different use cases and multiple Fortinet products under a single management and reporting interface.

The Fortinet Security Fabric also offers a multi-cloud strategy, providing protection across public, private, hybrid clouds, and SaaS. It includes features such as full endpoint protection, email security, web application security, advanced threat protection, management, analytics, and event management.

The main components for implementing the Security Fabric are at least two FortiGate firewalls and a singleFortiAnalyzer instance. Fortinet recommends acquiring additional products from their product line for complete protection and advanced capabilities.

To achieve complete protection, devices collaborate through administrator-defined automated workflows. These workflows allow FortiOS to automatically respond to events in a preprogrammed manner when a trigger is activated. Immediate actions can include quarantining an endpoint, raising an alarm, sending a notification, or making a system change in a fully configurable way.

The Fortinet Security Fabric is a comprehensive suite of products designed to meet even the most advanced security needs. However, the true value for customers lies in its ability to offer a seamless and integrated security solution. By consolidating various security technologies into a single platform, organizations can reduce the costs associated with managing multiple security products and simplify their security infrastructure.

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