Cisco IoT Operations Dashboard


Solutions for managing industrial assets are challenging

  • Complex
  • Insecure
  • Not scalable


Organizations need tools

  • Enable IT/OT collaboration
  • Keep the network secure
  • Enable sustainable operations
Deploy and monitor industrial networks
Deliver new services to leverage
Secure remote
Deep visibility into your operation’s
Unlock business intelligence

Deploy and monitor industrial networks

Simplify management of your entire network with a single toolset for any network type

Scale easily:
  • Deploy at scale with map-based views, plug-and-play deployment, and intuitive configuration tools.
Protect your network:
  • Embed IT security policies in configuration templates to secure the OT network.
Keep services up and running:
  • Enable proactive maintenance with at-a-glance views of network alerts and device locations.

Single Management Console for the Campus

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