Cisco Ultra Reliable Wireless Backhaul (CURWB)


Growing number of connected assests that need super reliable & high-speed wireless connection

  • Sometimes fiber is not available or too costly
  • High speed connected assets need seamless handoff
  • Outdoor & harsh environments


Connect with ultra-reliable wireless backhaul technology. From automated guided vehicles in manufacturing to tele-remote applications in ports & mines & beyond

  • Low latency
  • High through-put
  • Easy deployment
Ports, terminal operations
Smart cities, Oil and gas
Manufacturing and corporations


  • The demand of data throughput for moving vehicles is constantly increasing.
  • New applications include Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC), sensors, video data offload, onboard Wi-Fi, and real-time security video monitoring.
  • The Cisco solution for vehicle mobility is the first trackside train-to-ground system to be deployed successfully anywhere in the world.
  • This offering runs seamlessly on high-speed and commuter trains, buses, ferries, and automobiles, making it the ideal choice for maximizing passenger satisfaction, safety and control applications, and maintaining situational awareness.

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