Lack of visibility and control in industrial control system networks

  • Insecure OT traffic flow
  • Complex manual configuration
  • Lack of Visibility


Fortified defense system to safeguard the production site against cyber attacks and malicious software

  • Industrial network safety
  • Auto-learning mode
  • System work transparency
Purpose-built OT Security
Holistic Visibility into OT Network
Ultimate Operational Continuity

Purpose-built OT Security

EdgeFire is a robust armor for the protection of the production site from cyber threats and malware.

The advanced threat intelligence enables itself to continuously grow stronger and more knowledgeable day after day to effectively combat zero-day threats.

  • Virtual Patching: The signature-based virtual patching defends against cyber threats, particularly crucial for legacy production networks and unpatched devices.
  • Network Segmentation: EdgeFire segments OT network to eliminate the spread of infections and ensure reliable network traffic
  • OT Protocols: The complete support for industrial protocols makes EdgeFire an OT-Native solution for network security
  • VPN: EdgeFire can establish secure site-to-site VPN with remote access capabilities, to secure OT networks from unauthorized access or interception

OT Network

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