I know you are probably wondering: What is Fortinet Security Fabric?

The Fortinet Security Fabric is an integrated system to help protect modern corporate networks. Above all, it simplifies configuration, management, visibility, analysis, threat protection and response.

The Security Fabric Diagram | @fortinet

From the security point of view, the main problem with modern enterprise networks is that they can no longer be secured at the perimeter. In most cases, it is even difficult to define the perimeter.

Mostly because your corporate internal network and servers are “in”, but how about personal phones, tablets (that people use to access corporate data), cloud-based applications, etc? Perimeter defence no longer works as attack vectors because they are just too broad.

The Security Fabric Overview | @fortinet

How does The Security Fabric work?

In fact, The Security Fabric integrates a next-generation firewall (core), distributed enterprise firewalls (for remote offices), cloud, data centre and internal segmentation firewalls. It also includes managed end-point and access point protection, advanced threat intelligence, application security, unified logging, unified management, analytics, sandboxing and automated responses. All in a single pane of glass view.

The idea is that in a modern enterprise attacks can come from anywhere at any time! Therefore, an integrated approach to network security is a must.

The Security Fabric Realised | @fortinet

Would you like to know more?

If you are interested in learning more about The Security Fabric, visit Fortinet website and watch the marketing/sales videos that they have prepared. Although, I’d recommend taking a look at some actual implementation of it in real life (where it’s correctly set up to fit the needs of a mid-range or vast live network) instead of a dry sales demo (where you’ll see what it “could be”). I’m pretty sure you’ll be impressed.

On a personal note, I was working for Fortinet, When they first introduced the Security Fabric in FortiOS 5.4. At that time, it was a bit raw. They had the concept, but the implementation wasn’t all that it could be. Luckily things have matured and the current FortiOS 6.0.0 Security Fabric is very useful indeed. In fact, 5.6.2 wasn’t bad either!