Cisco ACI Enables Seamless Connectivity for a Russian Service Provider

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, service providers face the challenge of delivering consistent network services and security across multiple data centers, both in major cities and remote locations. This case study explores how a leading service provider in Russia overcame this challenge by implementing Cisco ACI, a software-defined networking (SDN) solution. By adopting Cisco ACI, they achieved a unified network infrastructure, seamless network service provisioning, and enhanced security across all their data centers.


The service provider sought the solution to unify network services across multiple data centers. They operated two primary data centers in the capital city, Moscow, and needed a product to manage a single control plane and provision network services across eight smaller, remote data centers in other cities. They faced the challenge of ensuring consistent network services and security across all locations while supporting a nationwide application with central and local compute clusters requiring data synchronization and Layer 2 connectivity.


After careful evaluation, the service provider selected Cisco ACI as the ideal solution to address their network infrastructure requirements. Cisco ACI offered the following key features and benefits:

Single Control Plane : Cisco ACI's centralized management provided a unified control plane, allowing the service provider to efficiently manage and provision network services across multiple geographic locations. This streamlined approach eliminated the complexity of managing disparate network infrastructures.

Remote Leaf Technology : To cater to the smaller, non-major city data centers, the service provider implemented Cisco ACI's Remote Leaf technology. This enabled the delivery of network services in remote locations, ensuring consistent connectivity and security across all data centers.

Multipod Technology : In the main data center located in Moscow, the service provider adopted Cisco ACI's Multipod technology. This decision was driven by the need to meet port capacity and control-plane integration requirements. Multipod technology allowed for seamless expansion and scalability, ensuring the network infrastructure could accommodate future growth.

Local L3Outs : To optimize traffic flow and enhance performance, the service provider deployed Local L3Outs in the smaller data centers. This decision enabled efficient routing and reduced latency, improving the overall user experience.


By implementing Cisco ACI, the service provider achieved remarkable results and numerous benefits:

Consistent Network Services : Cisco ACI's unified control plane enabled the service provider to deliver consistent network services across all data centers, ensuring a seamless experience for end-users.

Enhanced Security : With Cisco ACI's integrated security features, the service provider significantly improved their network security posture. The centralized management and policy enforcement capabilities allowed for consistent security policies across all locations, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.

Streamlined Provisioning : Cisco ACI's automation capabilities simplified network service provisioning, reducing manual effort and human errors. This streamlined approach enabled the service provider to quickly respond to customer demands and rapidly deploy new services.

Improved Performance : The adoption of Local L3Outs in smaller data centers optimized traffic flow, resulting in improved network performance and reduced latency. This enhanced user experience and increased customer satisfaction.

By selecting Cisco ACI as their SDN solution, the Russian service provider successfully addressed their challenge of unifying network services across multiple data centers. The implementation of Cisco ACI's Remote Leaf technology, Multipod technology, and Local L3Outs enabled seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and improved performance across all locations. This case study demonstrates how Cisco ACI empowers service providers to overcome complex network infrastructure challenges and deliver exceptional services to their customers.

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