Enhancing Email Security: A FortiMail Case Study for an Insurance Company in Romania

In today's digital age, email remains a primary communication channel for businesses. However, with the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, it is crucial for organizations to fortify their email security measures. This case study explores how an insurance company in Romania successfully improved their antispam/antivirus protection for their on-premise Exchange server by deploying FortiMail as their email gateway solution.


The insurance company faced a pressing challenge of enhancing their existing antispam/antivirus protection for their on-premise Exchange server. They required a solution that would be compatible with any Exchange server version and provide administrators with easy access to system and user quarantines. The primary objective was to reduce the influx of spam emails and false positives, ensuring a secure and efficient email environment.


To address the insurance company's email security concerns, the decision was made to deploy FortiMail in their virtual environment as the email gateway solution. FortiMail is renowned for its robust antispam and antivirus capabilities, making it an ideal choice for this organization

The following activities were taken to implement the FortiMail solution:

Deployment and Configuration: FortiMail was seamlessly integrated into the client's virtual environment. The solution was designed to be independent of the Exchange server version, ensuring compatibility and flexibility. The configuration process involved setting up antispam and antivirus profiles, which were further fine-tuned to define whitelists and eliminate false positives.

User Quarantine Reports: To provide transparency and control to users, a schedule was defined to send daily quarantine reports. These reports allowed users to review and manage their own quarantined messages. Users were empowered to release legitimate emails from their quarantine, reducing the risk of false positives and ensuring important communications were not missed.

System Quarantine Access for Administrators: In addition to user quarantine access, the FortiMail solution also provided administrators with access to the system quarantine. This feature allowed administrators to monitor and manage quarantined emails at a system-wide level, ensuring comprehensive control over the email environment.


The implementation of FortiMail as the email gateway solution yielded significant improvements in the insurance company's email security. The key outcomes achieved were:

Substantial Reduction in Spam Emails: FortiMail's advanced antispam capabilities effectively filtered out a significant portion of spam emails, preventing them from reaching end-users' inboxes. This reduction in spam not only enhanced productivity but also minimized the risk of falling victim to phishing attacks or malware.

Elimination of False Positives: The fine-tuning of antispam and antivirus profiles, along with the implementation of whitelists, helped eliminate false positives. This ensured that legitimate emails were not mistakenly flagged as spam, reducing the chances of important communications being missed.

Enhanced User Control and Transparency: The provision of daily quarantine reports empowered users to manage their own quarantined messages. This feature not only reduced reliance on administrators but also increased user satisfaction by providing them with control over their email environment.

By deploying FortiMail as their email gateway solution, the insurance company in Romania successfully enhanced their antispam/antivirus protection for their on-premise Exchange server. The implementation resulted in a significant decrease in spam emails, elimination of false positives, and improved user control and transparency. This case study highlights the importance of investing in robust email security solutions to safeguard critical communications and protect organizations from evolving cyber threats.

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