Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure: A Government Institution’s Battle Against DDoS Attacks

In today's digital age, government institutions face numerous cybersecurity challenges, particularly when it comes to protecting their critical infrastructure. One such challenge is the rising threat of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, which can cause significant disruptions and inconvenience to users. This case study explores how organization successfully tackled this challenge by deploying FortiDDoS, a robust DDoS protection solution.


The Government Institution had been experiencing frequent DDoS attacks, with a particular focus on Layer 7 targeted attacks. These attacks resulted in extensive outages and user discomfort, severely impacting the customer's ability to provide uninterrupted services to the public. Recognizing the need for a proactive defense mechanism, the customer sought a solution that could effectively mitigate these attacks and safeguard their payment website and critical infrastructure.


To address the customer's DDoS protection requirements, FortiDDoS was deployed at the network's perimeter. This strategic placement ensured that all inbound traffic to the premises underwent IP/TCP/UDP rate limiting and Layer 7 rate filtering, effectively mitigating the impact of DDoS attacks.

Comprehensive Protection: FortiDDoS provided the customer with comprehensive protection against known DDoS attacks. By leveraging its learning period of three weeks, the solution continuously analyzed network traffic patterns and optimized threshold configurations. This proactive approach ensured that all DDoS attacks, regardless of their complexity, were effectively thwarted.

Layer 7 Rate Filtering: Layer 7 targeted attacks pose a significant threat to the customer, as they exploit application vulnerabilities and exhaust server resources. FortiDDoS's Layer 7 rate filtering capability played a crucial role in protecting the customer's public-facing services. By precisely defining rate limits based on the learning period, the solution effectively filtered out malicious traffic, ensuring uninterrupted access to critical services.

Integration with SIEM and Monitoring Solutions: To maintain continuous event and incident monitoring, FortiDDoS was seamlessly integrated with the customer's Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system and other monitoring solutions. This integration allowed for real-time visibility into network traffic, enabling prompt detection and response to any potential threats or anomalies.


The deployment of FortiDDoS provided the customer with a robust defense against DDoS attacks, resulting in several key benefits:

Enhanced Service Availability: By effectively mitigating DDoS attacks, the customer experienced improved service availability. Users could access the payment website and critical infrastructure without disruptions, ensuring seamless service delivery.

Reduced Operational Costs: The customer witnessed a significant reduction in operational costs associated with DDoS attacks. By preventing outages and minimizing the need for reactive incident response, FortiDDoS helped the customer save resources that could be allocated to other critical areas.

Strengthened Cybersecurity Posture: FortiDDoS's proactive defense mechanism significantly strengthened the customer's overall cybersecurity posture. By continuously monitoring network traffic and optimizing threshold configurations, the solution ensured that the customer remained protected against emerging DDoS attack vectors.

The Government Institution successfully addressed the challenge of protecting their payment website and critical infrastructure against DDoS attacks by deploying FortiDDoS. This solution provided the customer with the necessary tools to mitigate Layer 7 targeted attacks and ensure uninterrupted service availability. By integrating FortiDDoS with SIEM and other monitoring solutions, the customer achieved real-time visibility into network traffic, enabling prompt detection and response to potential threats. As a result, the customer experienced enhanced cybersecurity, reduced operational costs, and strengthened service delivery capabilities.

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