FortiLink Implementation Ensures Uninterrupted Network Connectivity for Leading Brewery Group in Cyprus

In today's digital age, businesses heavily rely on their network infrastructure to ensure seamless operations and uninterrupted connectivity. This case study focuses on a leading brewery group in Cyprus that faced a critical challenge regarding their network infrastructure's redundancy and potential outage threats. Through the implementation of FortiLink, a robust and reliable solution, the company successfully achieved a redundant Layer 2 topology, ensuring the stability and continuity of their critical infrastructure.


The leading brewery group, with distributed sites across Europe, recognized the need for a redundant Layer 2 topology for their critical infrastructure at their Headquarters. The existing 3rd party switches failed to meet this requirement, leaving the organization vulnerable to severe to total outages at any given time. The potential threat of downtime posed a significant risk to their operations, customer satisfaction, and overall business continuity.


To address the challenge at hand, the brewery group partnered with a trusted network solutions provider to implement FortiLink, a comprehensive network infrastructure solution. The implementation involved the deployment of aggregation and access switches in a ring topology, all connected to the FortiGate cluster. The FortiGate cluster acted as a "router on a stick," serving as the gateway for all VLANs and providing centralized switch management through a single pane of glass.


Redundancy and High Availability: By implementing FortiLink, the customer achieved a redundant Layer 2 topology, mitigating the risk of severe to total outages. The ring topology ensured that even if one switch failed, the network traffic could seamlessly flow through the alternative path, minimizing downtime and maintaining uninterrupted connectivity.

Centralized Switch Management: FortiGate's role as the central switch management platform provided the customer with a unified view of their entire network infrastructure. This single pane of glass allowed for streamlined configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing the complexity associated with managing multiple switches.

Enhanced Network Stability: The interconnected switches facilitated the stable transmission of data across the customer's infrastructure. From end-users to DMZ servers, the FortiLink solution ensured a reliable and secure network environment, enabling the customer to focus on their core business activities without worrying about network disruptions.

Scalability and Flexibility: FortiLink's modular design allowed for easy scalability, accommodating the company's future growth and expansion plans. As the organization evolves, additional switches can be seamlessly integrated into the existing network infrastructure, ensuring that the solution remains adaptable to changing business needs.

By implementing FortiLink, the leading brewery group in Cyprus successfully addressed their challenge of achieving a redundant Layer 2 topology for their critical infrastructure. The solution provided them with enhanced network stability, centralized switch management, and the flexibility to scale their network infrastructure as needed. With FortiLink in place, the company can now operate with confidence, knowing that their network is resilient, reliable, and capable of supporting their business goals.

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