Enhancing E-Commerce Security and User Experience: A FortiWeb Case Study

In the rapidly growing E-Commerce industry in India, ensuring robust security measures and seamless user experience are paramount for businesses to thrive. This case study explores the challenges faced by an E-Commerce company and the solution implemented to overcome them, using FortiWeb as the key security solution.


The E-Commerce company had been grappling with managing FortiWeb, a web application firewall, as it was experiencing a surge in the number of alerts. Moreover, the company noticed that legitimate traffic was being continuously blocked, resulting in a negative impact on the user experience. The absence of regular product management and security log reviews for over two years further exacerbated the situation. Users reported slow website access, and certain URL paths were frequently non-functional. Additionally, customers faced difficulties in blocking Zero Day attacks and vulnerabilities.


To address the challenges faced by the E-Commerce company, a comprehensive solution was devised, centered around deploying FortiWeb in an Active-Active High Availability (HA) setup behind the existing firewall that protected the E-Commerce website. The company had been using outdated firmware, lacking advanced features such as Auto Learning and Machine Learning.

The first step in the solution was to enable the Machine Learning features of FortiWeb for a learning period of three weeks. During this period, the Machine Learning Profile of FortiWeb diligently learned the patterns, parameters, and paths used by the website, creating a baseline for future reference. This learning phase was crucial in ensuring accurate identification of legitimate traffic and distinguishing it from potential threats.

After the learning period, the FortiWeb Machine Learning Profile was applied in Protection mode, with Auto remediation enabled. This allowed for proactive identification and mitigation of potential security threats, while minimizing false positives. The Machine Learning Algorithm significantly enhanced the security posture of the E-Commerce platform, providing robust protection against password attacks, OWASP top 10 attacks, Zero Day attacks, and Layer 7 DoS attacks.


The implementation of the FortiWeb solution yielded significant improvements in both security and user experience for the E-Commerce company. The reduction in false positives ensured that legitimate traffic was no longer blocked, resulting in a seamless user experience. Customers reported enhanced website performance, with improved access speeds and minimal instances of non-functional URL paths.

Furthermore, the fortified security measures offered by FortiWeb's Machine Learning Algorithm provided the E-Commerce company with a robust defense against various cyber threats. The platform demonstrated greater resilience against password attacks, OWASP top 10 attacks, Zero Day attacks, and Layer 7 DoS attacks. This bolstered the company's reputation and customer trust, ultimately leading to increased business growth and customer satisfaction.

By leveraging the advanced features of FortiWeb, the E-Commerce company successfully addressed the challenges it faced in managing security and user experience. The deployment of FortiWeb in an Active-Active HA setup, along with the implementation of Machine Learning features, significantly improved the company's security posture and user experience. This case study serves as a testament to the effectiveness of FortiWeb in fortifying E-Commerce platforms in the dynamic landscape of the Indian market.

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