Enhancing Retail Security: A FortiSIEM Case Study in India

In today's digital age, retail businesses face numerous cybersecurity challenges that can significantly impact their operations and reputation. This case study explores the challenges faced by a retail vendor in India and how the implementation of FortiSIEM helped them overcome these obstacles and improve their overall security posture.


The retail vendor was struggling to effectively manage their Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) system. They faced several challenges, including:

False Positive Alerts: The SIEM generated numerous false positive alerts, leading to alert fatigue and making it difficult for the security team to identify genuine threats.

Lack of Reports and Custom Dashboards: The absence of customized reports and dashboards hindered the vendor's ability to gain a comprehensive view of their security status and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Incomplete Device Integration: Some newly replaced devices were not integrated into the SIEM, resulting in limited visibility into network traffic and potential blind spots in their security infrastructure.

Pre-built Use Cases: The vendor relied heavily on pre-built use cases provided by the SIEM vendor, which did not align with their specific network infrastructure requirements. This lack of optimization limited the effectiveness of the SIEM in detecting and mitigating threats.

Limited Security Engineering Resources: With a limited number of in-house security engineers, the vendor struggled to achieve Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance and efficiently manage their SIEM.


To address these challenges, the retail vendor implemented the FortiSIEM solution, which included one supervisor, one worker, and multiple collectors deployed at different locations. The following steps were taken to enhance their security posture:

Custom Dashboards and Reports: The implementation included the creation of custom dashboards and reports tailored to the vendor's specific defense and security scenarios. This allowed them to gain a holistic view of their security status and identify potential vulnerabilities.

Enhanced Alerting System: The FortiSIEM solution was configured to generate notifications for specific security violations, such as OWASP Top 10, Layer 7 DoS, DDoS, Brute Force Login failures, Performance monitoring, and PCI DSS compliance. These alerts were sent to a group of designated individuals, ensuring timely response to potential threats.

Customized Use Cases: Several custom irules/use cases were created based on the vendor's network infrastructure requirements and industry best practices. This optimization allowed for more accurate threat detection and mitigation.

Device Integration: The newly replaced devices were integrated into the SIEM, providing complete visibility into network traffic and eliminating potential blind spots in the security infrastructure.

Integration with Servicenow: By integrating Service now with FortiSIEM, the vendor achieved better incident management and optimized event management. This integration streamlined the process of handling security incidents and improved overall efficiency.


The implementation of FortiSIEM brought significant improvements to the retail vendor's security posture. The key outcomes achieved include:

Reduced False Positive Alerts: The customized use cases and optimized SIEM configuration led to a significant reduction in false positive alerts, allowing the security team to focus on genuine threats.

Enhanced Security Visibility: The custom dashboards and reports provided a comprehensive view of the vendor's security status, enabling them to identify vulnerabilities and take proactive measures to mitigate risks.

Improved Compliance: The vendor successfully achieved PCI DSS compliance, thanks to the optimized SIEM and enhanced incident management capabilities.

Efficient Incident Response: The integration with Servicenow improved incident management, enabling the vendor to respond promptly to security incidents and minimize their impact.

By implementing FortiSIEM, the retail vendor in India overcame their SIEM management challenges and significantly improved their security posture. The customized dashboards, reports, and use cases, along with better incident management capabilities, allowed them to proactively detect and mitigate threats, achieve compliance, and enhance their overall security resilience.

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